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Request: simple encryption of parameter file

01 Mar 2011 16:57 #1 by climb4fun
Case: Parameter file is in clear mode readable with every editor/browser. If it is not in a secure environment, everybody can read on the fly. Not in every case, config file could be stored on a protected server / share.

1. A simple encryption of parameter file would be sufficent, to improve security. It should not be a high sophisticated hacker protection, only prevent easy reading.
2. If parameter file is encrypted, there is a need to make updates within projector possible. May be comparitively to user parameters.

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01 Mar 2011 20:02 #2 by babynus

Project'Or RIA is designed to be able to implement secured storage of parameter file :
- just move it to a non web-accessible place on the server
- indicate its place in parametersLocation.php
That's all.

This recommendation is included in the "Configuration" page in the manual.


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