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ProjeQtOr free project management software - New version V9.0 released with brand new interface - ProjeQtOr

New version V9.0 released with brand new interface

24 Dec 2020 11:24 #1 by babynus
We listened to your remarks and focused on major drawback of ProjeQtOr : the interface.
We redesigned the General User Interface to bring something more clear, with less icons, less buttons.
All icons won't be available at once, they will be displayed when needed.
Only most important feature are proposed at first glance, and you'll discover others steps by steps.

Main Ergonomics and interface changes
• New interface, that can be activated or not (you can keep old interface if you like)
• New interface is more modern, lighter, with some fluent animations.
• New left menu, more accurate, with a search option to quickly find what you want
• Some buttons (for instance on list fields) appear when you need them, they are not always displayed.
• Instead of selecting a theme to change the color, you directly select 2 colors, a main one that will change colrs for icons, main backgroud and texts, and a secondary one that will be used for highlights such as selected item. You can theroforeadapt interface to your company branding colors.
• New icons set, with outline style, that changes color depending on selected colors
• On list and detail, only most important buttons are shown. Other buttons (print, export, copy,...) can be reached with specific "extra" button (with three vertical dots)
• Better layout for emails sent

New top menu
• New interface porposes a completely redesigned top menu
• Only Favorite menus appear, and recently used menus can be shown
• You have 5 bars of Favorite menus, that you can access with mouse wheel or specific spinner button or right-click
• You can rearrange menus on the bars with drap & drop, to move menus between bars and reorder into a bar
• Menus can be shown as "simple text", "simple icon" or "icon and text"
• Top menu proposes a "add new item" button, to directly create most common items
• "Add new item" button can be configured to create new item in a pop-up or going to corresponding screen. Pop-up mode is very efficient to create new ticket from planning view, staying on the Gantt view.

New Left Menu
• New interface proposes a completely redesigned left menu
• Menu items on left menu are organized corresponding to global use, instead of module-based organization
• Easily find what you need with the search feature that finds the menu or report you need
• A menu item can appear on several branches of the organization of menus
• The display of organization is not any more a tree view but drawer-like view : you open a drawer to see what it contains
• A breadscrum allow to return to any level of menu organization
• On the left menu reports corresponding to the section subjet are directly accessible
• Left menu can show icons if desired (use right click to show/hide icons)

New left menu bottom part
• On new interface, left menu gives access to several information sections, some existing, some new
• Parameters section (new) : this displays parameter items (list of values) corresponding to current screen
• Links (existing) : direct links, defined a "link" attachments on projets
• Documents (existing) : a directory-like view for documents access
• Message console (existing) : a short summary reminder of actions you did
• Notifications (existing - if module is activated) : notifications to display, organized on a tree like structure depending on origin of notification

Redesign of User Menu (top-right)
• Slightly redesigned menu for more clear display

New Menu "?"
• Gives some shortcuts to user manual, keybord shortcuts, about projeqtor

• Gives some shortcuts to external resources : forum, plugin shop, report a bug
• Displays the news from ProjeQtOr website.

Redesign of filters
• On new interface, direct filters (on id, name, type,...) are not shown by default any more

• When you click on filter button, you acces the direct filter criteria and can select which one you want to have always displayed on top of the list
• Filter button also gives acces to Advanced filters and stored filters

Project Selector
• Slightly redesigned project selector, to show buttons (parameters, selection, search) only on mouse over selector area
• Display on top bar when "Archive mode" is activated

• Redesigned menu for plugins : even not installed plugins are visible
• Not installed plugins show a screen with description of the plugins (page is similair to the plugin shop)
• Notification is managed when new version of installed plugin is available

Login Screen
• Redesigned login screen, with better display for messages

• Soft redesign for Kanban to fit new interface

Modules Management
• Redesign of Modules management screen, with better visibility of active / inactive items and filter for context

• Redesign of upper selection part : buttons on the right, only show period selection criteria
• New button to access additional parameters for display options

Planning views (Gantt charts)
• Redesign of upper selection part : buttons on the right, only show frequently used buttons (new, filter, recalculate)
• New button to access additional parameters for display options
• New easy way to extend Fixed duration activities with drag and drop on end date
• New easy way to change Regular between dates activities with drag and drop on start or end dates
• New easy way to move "Do not start before start date" activities with drag and drop on start date

Activity Stream and Dashboards
• Improvement of display of parameters


• New installs will be set in New Interface by default
• Migration process will propose to Admin to discover new interface
• Each existing user before migration will be proposed to test the new interface

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