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[SOLVED] Pool of resources - resource in several pools at 100%

11 Mar 2020 16:19 #1 by maxb
I would like to compute macro planning before the start of a projet. At this step I don't know exactly which resource will be assigned to the activities, but I know the group of resource in the way "one of the resources can work on the subject". So I used the pools of resources for this.
A tricky thing is that I created 3 kinds of pools: the large type corresponding to a team, a medium one for a type of activity (for example debug activity) and a specific one for a specialization. And I want to set the resource without the rate constraint, I want to be able to compute that a resource can work for several pools without rate constraint. So for example one day the resource could work for the activity of the pool1 and the other day the actity for the pool2 etc.
When we try to assign a resource to severa pools at 100% there is a error. But if we assign the resource at 100% and closed, and then unclosed the resource there is no error.
With this workaround, when we calculate the planning the searched beahvior (described before) is working very well.
Does this workaround will always work or does it can be removed?

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13 Mar 2020 14:43 - 13 Mar 2020 15:04 #2 by alainforma

Do not really worry about this value ! Why ?
In order to be able to plan pools due to projeqtor algorithm, we have to set up some limits. This % means than a ressource can not belong to unlimited pools. So If you set 100 she will belong to only 1 pool, 50 and 50 to 2 pools, 25 30 45 for instance to 3 pools, 2,29,9 20, 20, 20 for instances to 6 pools, value 0,1*1000 to 1000 pools and so on. Whatever thoses values, this leads the number of pools able to receive the ressource and do not impact intrinsic rules of planification. Planification takes into account all pools with all resources inside them at once.
Please note that if you can workaround the system, you can get some weird results... Anyway, thank you for letting us know about that.
Last edit: 13 Mar 2020 15:04 by alainforma.

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13 Mar 2020 15:02 #3 by maxb
Thank you for your answer.
But by your way I cannot reach my objective.
For example I have a resource that I only assigned at 50% in the pool 1 and 50% in the pool 2. I create an activity of 3 days for the pool 1 and 3 days for the pool 2 and calculate the planning. The activity 1 will be planned during 6 days, and after the 2nd activity for 6 days.
If I assigned the resource to 100% for each pool, the activity 1 will be planned for 3 days and after the activity 2 for 3 days. For the first acitivity my resource will work for the pool 1 and the for the pool 2, and everything is right calculated.
Does the check of 100% rate into pools could just be a warning and not an error?

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13 Mar 2020 15:18 #4 by alainforma
Do you assign another resources into pools ? Is she already planned on others activities ? no and no i guess..
Yes in this very simple case it is planned as wished, to be true you do not need to use pool to reach that planification.
It is always an error. Please read the friendly manual about how to use pool when you want to plan severals resources into a pool or on various pools in order to get a right and a wholly planification of your projects.

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13 Mar 2020 16:12 #5 by maxb
Yes and yes.
If I assigned a resource at 50% rate it can only work 50% on this pool by day/hours. I would like that a resource which is in several pools can switch between the pools automaticaly, one day 100% in one pool and one day at 100% in another.
Like a project, if I have several project running, the rate must be at 100% for each one for enable a resource to work one day at 100% for one and 100% the other day for another project.
As the computation is working well I don't understand why you are blocking this feature that enables a lot of flexibility.

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13 Mar 2020 16:59 #6 by alainforma
I really do understand what you are looking to do.
The only way is to fill single periods on allocation for the resource on each pool. But you are not in a dynamic planification cause you force it while a shortest way could be find by the software.

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