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Activity Displacement - Planning Calculation

11 Jan 2022 10:25 - 11 Jan 2022 10:27 #1 by WE-TIP
Hello Q TORIAN, 

I manage several projects at the same time and each project has a different start date.
The problem is that with the planning calculation, several activities are positioned on the "start" date. Even if I do an update per project... 


I think I am setting the dates wrong in my projects (Milestone (Jalon), validated start date or project status).

Do you have a solution to avoid that activities move when I calculate the schedule?

Thank you in advance, 
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11 Jan 2022 10:41 - 11 Jan 2022 10:57 #2 by alainforma

To avoid misunderstanding, we should have written : calculation ( or recalculation ) of the left workload from this date. All left work over all activities of the project( s) selected, are so recalculed from this date. Depending on constraints ( dependancies, resources'disponibilties,etc etc ) it's normal that dates are moving. To fix a start date please use a fixe milestone or a special mode of planification you will encounter on planning mode on screen activity. Please remember, Projeqtor is a tool based on workload steering, not only by drawing nicest Gantt chart, that is why, sometimes, calculated (planified) dates are or are not matching with valided ( expected) dates. Projeqtor shows you the reality which is coming  as calculated. It'is good or bad. Then find the solution to maintain advantages or to catch up delays, why not using simulation environment to value each one. Projeqtor is a dynamic tool following the dynamic project life that is why it is moving.
Anyway, your project will really start from the first imputation date  and will be really  finished at the date when all left work of all activities will be nil. Dates cells are filled automatically.

Last edit: 11 Jan 2022 10:57 by alainforma.

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