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Product and related test cases

23 Dec 2022 15:46 #1 by kobetsu

In this moment there is possibility to manage test cases of given product and "categorize" them by "business feature".
So, we can have test cases "grouped" by business features.
In simple cases it is enought but in larger project not quite.

Some problems and propositions of improvements:
Business features have no workflow management - it is not a big deal unless we realse that it is easy to remove business feature from product and all tests cases are impacted.
No sign in document history, no info what was removed. We are done.
So I would like to propose to add workflow for business features or at least block remove it if it is in use.

Business features are not bad but typically used by business persons and are guite general... too general for technical persons working on test cases and functional automatic tests. We need deeper granuality.
So proposition is to introduce inside product "test cases tags" and possibility to define long list of them.
This list (multi selection) should be possible to be used inside test case document.
Multiselection of tags is very important - test case typically cover more than on subject.
We cannot select it from combobox like now in case of business features - we need something different rather like list of languages fro example.

Of course having such organization it is useless is we cannot easily find tests cases by tags.
So somehow we need to have this - for example possibility to find all test cases for given product and given tag (or tags).

Do you think it is reasonable to take such improvements into consideration ?

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23 Dec 2022 17:40 #2 by babynus

I recorded the request.
It is for us a very low priority ticket as this is a quite specific request, with high cost for small community use.

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