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Requirements and covering by tests cases

23 Dec 2022 15:52 #1 by kobetsu

There is functionality of requirements and possibility to manage coverage by test cases.
There is even set of reports ilustrating this coverage.

But there are some points which really usage difficult:

For sure, not all requirements should and will be covered by test cases.
Typically Product Owner decides if given requirement needs to be covered by test case(s).
Problem is there is no possibility to "mark" requirement that it is intentional to not have test cases.
Base on this "marker" report of "requirements tests cases" should be improved.

Reports (for example, mentioned above report of "requirement test cases coverage") is quite interesting but possible only to be generated as PDF.
No possibility to get it in format possible for future use - like CSV or the best JSON/XML.
Do not know if API allow us to generate reports but for sure it will great to have possibility to incorporate inside pipeline processes.

Do you think it is possible to take these improvements into account ?

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26 Dec 2022 09:42 #2 by babynus
1. Request recorded as tickets #6786

2. Some reports can already be exported in Excel format.
API generates json format, so possibly you can use it to generate Reports with external tool.
It could be possible to generate json or xml format for reports, but it would require developement for each report, and it would be quite havy as we have more than 120 reports in projeqtor;)

Administrator of ProjeQtOr web site

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26 Dec 2022 10:13 #3 by kobetsu
I know :) this is why I asked fro general solution for better possibility to integrate pq inside pipelines.

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