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Scrum/Agile support in projeqtor

23 Dec 2022 16:22 #1 by kobetsu

PQ is nice but I do not found native possibility to work with Scrum/Agile processes.
Let me explain you how we are working and what process I've created.

We introduce into Requirements and Activities new fields:
- "Scrum team"
- "Scrum reference"

"Scrum team" is name of team working with given document.
"Scrum reference" is just sprint number or "backlog" or "internal backlog".

Base on these 2 fields and filters we are able to see:
- all requirements in product_backlog
- all requirements in sprint_backlog
- all activities in sprint_backlog
- all activities in internal_backlog

product_backlog, sprint_backlog - for sure you know what it is
internal_backlog - is log with activities manage by the team to address technical dept

So we are using requirements view, activities view and kanban view.

In our case, requirement document represents user story or epic.
Activity document represents internal_backlog task or sprint task.

Scrum team is working over products, over projects so they have in backlog requirements from many different products/projects.
In consequence we cannot use hierarchy of requirements we have in PQ (top requirement).
Because of this we manually create hierarchy of requirements:
- epic is marked requiremnt with postfix "Level: 0"
- sublevel we have with postfix "Level: 1"
- etc

During refinement meeting:

We work with product_backlog (so requirements), we evaluate content, divide into smaller parts, estimate.
All typical work... but we are during this only inside requirement documents.

To address technical debt some time of the refinement meeting we use to allow the team to manage their internal, low level technial tasks.
Kind of "internal backlog refinement".
In this case we work with activities but linked to one parent requirement (called "Internal backlog").

During planing meeting we work on selected requirements (from product backlog) and transform them into sprint_tasks - so we create set of activities and link them into requirement.
So our user_story (requirement) is linked with set of sprint_tasks (activities).
Activities are assigned to particular sprint, we can see them in kanban.

Without going into deeper details it is working and it is not bad but also... not very professional.

I have several ideas how to make agile/scrum support much more easier in PQ:

There should be native management of scrum team.
Scrum team should be possible to be assigned to requirements and to activities.

There should be possibility to define if activity/requirement belongs to given sprint (sprint number) or to backlog or to internal backlog

There should be easy possibility to see all documents assigned to given team and given sprint.
It is organization by scrum teams not by projects we have now.
It is organization by scrum sprints not by projects we have now.

Kanban should be also updated to work natively with sprints and scrum teams... or even "burn-down view" should be added to better support sprints.

Current functionality of planing poker is good for distance and not-instance voting.
If we need to call the meeting and just make voting it is compeltely useless.
There is necessayr to have just simple calling vouting to given scrum team - ad-hoc and instantly.

What I described above referes to really simple scrum management - if we want to add additionally PI (Product Increment) and possibility to plan future sprints it is more complicated... but be agile :) let's focus first on foundation.

Hope my post can help to improve PQ a little... it is really great tool with great flexibility.


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26 Dec 2022 09:28 #2 by babynus
Request recorded as Ticket 6785.
This is part of global reflexion about how to implement agile with Projeqtor.

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