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Pulling E-mails from Microsoft365 account

26 Feb 2023 23:37 - 27 Feb 2023 06:38 #1 by ertuncb
Hi. I'm testing the app on a test server before making a firm decision to use it. My only problem right now is not being able to pull emails from Microsoft365 account with IMAP. SMTP is working, system can send email. But I can't retrieve emails.
I've tried everything I can think of. I entered everything, every combination in the IMAP HOST definition that was written on the forum. I've scanned through the documentation. However, I did not succeed. We will try to use Projeqtor in a SAP consulting firm of 40 people for project management. I've been struggling with these problems for days and I'm about to give up. I'm a former project manager, approaching my 60's, I have used many project management software, systems, but I have never seen a software that combines many aspects of project management as Projeqtor, the system is really good.
I don't want to give up, I wanted to ask if there is a way to retrieve email from Microsoft 365 email account, for the last time.
If someone who knows the system well states that it is not possible, I will give up the software.
(By the way, there is another ticketing software I tested on the same server, there I resolved the email issue with oAuth2 support)
I would be grateful if someone with experience can guide me. Thanks.

Some of the values I tested:
{}INBOX {}

Projeqtor version is: 10.2.2
The error message I'm getting is; imap_open(): Couldn't open stream

(The long version:
2023-02-27 01:05:19.591 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.2.2] ERROR *****
2023-02-27 01:05:19.591 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.2.2] on file '/home/customer/www/' at line (86)
2023-02-27 01:05:19.591 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.2.2] cause = imap_open(): Couldn't open stream {}INBOX
2023-02-27 01:05:19.591 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.2.2] imap_open(): Couldn't open stream {}INBOX in ImapMailbox.php at line 86
2023-02-27 01:05:19.591 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.2.2] Error while executing CRON script : fix the source issue and manually restart the CRON Process)
Last edit: 27 Feb 2023 06:38 by ertuncb.

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27 Feb 2023 15:24 #2 by babynus
I think Office has removed standard connection to IMAP servers for Office365, and now requires oAuth2 connection, which is not supported yet by projeqtor.
I think Office can allow some standard connection for some time if you request it.

Evolution to support oAutth2 is recorded on the roadmap, but not developped yet.
NB : IMAP connection is required only to import tickets or add notes to tickets from emails, and Office 365 is the only one that blocks standard connection to IMAP.

Administrator of ProjeQtOr web site

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27 Feb 2023 17:12 #3 by ertuncb
Yes, Microsoft has unfortunately shut down access routes other than oAuth2 due to security concerns. It may be possible to open it temporarily, but it is not clear how long it will keep this door open. I don't want to take that risk.
The same thing happened to me with other software (osTicket) on the same server. We solved it using the oAuth method, which is not very easy to implement.
There is no problem in SMTP for now, Projeqtor can send e-mails.
The solution that came to my mind (until you develop an oAuth solution) to fetch emails is, to add a Google account, forward all incoming emails on the Microsoft account to the Gmail account in the background, and connect Projeqtor to this Gmail account. In this way, we can receive tickets, etc. e-mails. However, although I have created an App password on GMail and entered it in the IMAP connection, unfortunately I am also getting an error in the GMail connection. I opened a separate thread for this in the forum.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

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27 Feb 2023 17:52 #4 by babynus
Workaround with the Gmail account (and redirection to this account) should work.
I'll have a look at your post on that subject.

You can also setup your own mail server with smtp and imap. It's not too complex if you're running on Linux.
You can also get an email from other providers that allow imap with simple connection :, gandi, ...

Administrator of ProjeQtOr web site
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27 Feb 2023 20:12 - 27 Feb 2023 20:26 #5 by ertuncb
Hi babynus. The problem with GMail authentication is solved. The system is getting the emails and  creates tickets from this emails.
But there is a major problem that I did not think of when inserting the GMail account in between this process.

 It currently works as follows;
  1. Customer sends support request to Microsoft 365 account.
  2. This Microsoft 365 account forwards all incoming mails to the email account.
  3. Projeqtor pulls the email from the account and creates a ticket for each mail.
However, there is a major problem here; Since the e-mail is forwarded to the intermediate Gmail account, the sender of the e-mails will always be, so this e-mail address will always be in the external reference field of the ticket.The same applies to the requester field. The system will never be able to assign the real requester. I have no idea how to capture the e-mail address of the customer who actually sent the e-mail in this case.
Maybe you can guide me.
Last edit: 27 Feb 2023 20:26 by ertuncb. Reason: Detail added

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02 Mar 2023 09:22 #6 by babynus
Possibly you should use a Redirect rule instead of Transfer rule, so that sender is still the original

Administrator of ProjeQtOr web site

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