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[SOLVED] Planning calculation date limit ?

11 May 2023 15:38 #1 by yannicklp
i've been trying to plan projects for hours now and can't seem to wrap my head around what seems to be a limit in planning calculations.
I have a project with  several activities that depends on a previous project (itself dependent on a previous project etc) that reaches the end
of 2028.

The moment the indirect duration (calculated through, days and FTE setting) exceeds 01/01/29, the software seems to not want to take anything into account
regarding affectations... All work after this date will be marked as "could not be planned".

It feels like there is a limit in time or duration at which no activities can be calculated.

Is there indeed such a limit ? After an intensive search, no setting seems to influence this behavior.

Previous projects on the gantt view behave correctly despite being setup in a similar manner, they are in "as soon as possible" mode with a pool of resources
that has no end date.

In our experience it seems to correspond to a 6 years window of time, as the first resource arrives on 01/01/23 and the last calculated activity stops on 01/01/29.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Version : 10.3.4
Tested Browsers : Firefox 113.0

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14 May 2023 17:05 #2 by babynus

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15 May 2023 09:54 #3 by yannicklp
Thank you very much, solution worked like a charm.

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