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Command line tool

22 Feb 2012 10:32 #1 by Sébastien
Command line tool was created by Sébastien

I was wondering how I can connect Projectorria with the rest of our IT system, we have a tickteking system (helpdesk) and bug tracker tool (MANTIS) for instance, I was wondering to capture emails sent to a mailbox by each tools and parse them to create a new entry or to update values automatically.

Is there a command line tool (API) to interact with projectorria DB or should I interact with directly with the tool?



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22 Feb 2012 16:43 #2 by babynus
Replied by babynus on topic RE : Command line tool
No, there's no command line tool to set such things.
You must develop your own.

I worked a bit on the subject, and you can find some start code in the deploy directory.
I's not available in the distributed code, you must get it at sourceforge, in the SVN reporitory, in branche V2.0. It's batch.php and batch.bat (ot run on windows).


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