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Technical requirements

25 Sep 2012 16:40 #1 by jmmbb
Technical requirements was created by jmmbb

I'm finishing tests on PROJECTOR and now we plan to use it in PRODUCTION for 2013.

We start to plan exploitation in real state and i need some feedback on technical requirement.

We plan from 60 to 110 users, almost 100 projects. PROJECTOR will get in own virtual machine, but we need to set environment (amount of memory, disk space, processor core...).

Someone have metrics ?


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25 Sep 2012 18:20 #2 by babynus
Replied by babynus on topic Re: Technical requirements

In most cases, with a good platform, volumetry has minor effect to performance.

I had some performance tests, not complete but could be a good start.
My test was with :
- 1000 projects
- 100 customers,
- 1 000 projects,
- 500 resources,
- 1 500 affectations (each resource randomly affected to 3 projects)
- 10 000 activities (randomly set on projects)
- 15 000 assignments (randomly set between resources and activities)

Disk space :
- Not very large disk is required, will mostly depend on the volume of documents
- Full database : hard to define. For exemple above database + : ibData1 = 133 MB, full used space (including *-bin.* = 486 MB)
- Application space : 44 MB
So with 1 GB you can start very comfortable.

CPU : at least 2, I should advice 4.
What is important is the frenquency, the Higher the better.

RAM : at least 2 GB to run PHP and MySql on the same machine, 4GB will be better for good performance.

For information, since few weeks, Demo and Track databases run on a serve on my own, with really very good performance.
- 4 CPU, double threaded, 64bits, 3.2 GHz
- 8 GB RAM
You can check that performance on this machine is good (I get better perfs than when I test locally on my computer :woohoo: ).
First perfs tests on this machine (with the big database) was quite good up to 100 simultaneous connexions (not tested above), this representing about 1000 connected users. But these tests only included reading tests, no update (I have to complete tests).
NB : Since these tests, V2.5 has come to live, including new perfs improvements, particuliarly on connexion.

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