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Moving a ticket to another activity

11 Nov 2012 18:36 #1 by JF
Hi all,

I intend to manage a project with Projectorria. I've never used it. so I'm trying to figure out if I can handle our common tasks with this tools. And it does as far as I've understood it.

My problem : We plan a release of our product with a milestone, activities and a bundle of tickets linked to them. As usual, we don't have enough time and we won't realise all tickets. So we have to move some tickets from an activity/milstone to another one. So far so good.

How can we easily manage this with related tickets ? For example, a first activity is writing code for a software and a second activity is to validate and test it. Both are assigned to different ressources. So if I remove a ticket "write function F" from an activity and move it to another activity, is there any way to be reminded I have to do the same job on the ticket "validate function F"

Thanks for any clue.

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11 Nov 2012 19:42 #2 by babynus

There are several ways to manage your activities with Project'Or RIA.

To follow up deliveries, you can use Version in Tickets.
You can easily see tickets on a version, have a summary of content of versions and move ticket from a version to another one.
You can also define an activity for a version and link a ticket to the activity.
You may have a look at Project'Or RIA Track database, using this way.

Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically remind you to move one ticket if you move another. What you can do is link "both" of then, but you have to think to look at linked items when you move a Ticket.

But when I read the way you use tickets, I guess you'd better use Activities.
Instead of having :
.Activity Dev : 10 days
.Activity Test : 5 days
.Ticket 1 : Dev function 1 : 4 days
.Ticket 2 : Test function 1 : 2 days
.Ticket 3 : Dev function 2 : 6 days
.Ticket 4 Test function 2 : 3 days
I would advise to use activities :
.Activity Version X.Y
....Activity Function 1
.......Activity Function 1 - Dev : 4 days
.......Activity Function 1 - Test : 2 days
....Activity Function 2
.......Activity Function 2 - Dev : 6 days
.......Activity Function 2 - Test : 2 days
.Activity Version X.Y+1
This way, if "Function 1" is replaned on Version X.Y+1, you just have to move Activity Function 1.
What will change for you, is that you'll have to assign work to each function : that is what I call plan an Poject ;). You will then be able to run planning calculation with real resource availability and progress knowledge : just request the update of the left work on each activity.
I guess this way you'll have versions more stable, and will less need to move functions from one version to another ;)

Good planning. B)


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