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Login method

06 Jul 2011 10:00 #1 by Nicolas
Login method was created by Nicolas
I'd like to know how the process of connection work in php code.
I'd like to make a second way to connect users. I've made an sso-like in my applications and i would like to make a link to pass through the connection process with the 'Id' of the user. Some thing like:
http://localhost/projectoria/login.php?id=4 to connect the user who have the Id=4 in table 'user' (in reality I use the Id with sha1 encryption to don't give clear Id in url).


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07 Jul 2011 10:34 #2 by Nicolas
Replied by Nicolas on topic RE : Login method
I find a solution. I've change the /tool/loginCheck.php file.
My projectoria application is on url : http://localhost/projectoria
I use another application on url http://localhost/cms. In this application when one user is connected he can click on a link wich contain 2 parameters : first is "change=true" and second is "changeid=xxx" xxx is the user id in table user of database of projectoria. This id is crypted by sha1.
So i change loginCheck like that:
if (array_key_exists('login',$_POST)) {
if (array_key_exists('password',$_POST)) {
if (array_key_exists('change',$_GET)) {
if (array_key_exists('changeid',$_GET)) {
if ($login=="" && $change != "true") {
if ($password=="" && $change != "true") {

$obj=new User();
if($change == "true"){
$crit=array('name'=>$login, 'password'=>md5($password));
function loginOk ($user) {
global $login;
global $change;
$obj=new Parameter();
foreach($objList as $obj) {
if ($obj->parameterCode=='lang') {
} else if ($obj->parameterCode=='defaultProject') {
$prj=new Project($obj->parameterValue);
if ($prj->name!=null and $prj->name!='') {
} else {
} else {
if($change == "true"){
header("Location: http://localhost/projectoria");
echo '<span class="messageOK">';
echo i18n('loginOK');
echo '<div id="validated" name="validated" type="hidden" dojoType="dijit.form.TextBox">OK';
echo '</div>';
echo '</span>';
traceLog("NEW CONNECTED USER '" . $login . "'");

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