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Add Entry to Online Manual Describing how to Upgrade

27 Oct 2019 17:43 #1 by loydte3
I got a notification about upgrading to the latest version of ProjeQtor hosted on my server and went to try and find how to do it on my self-hosted server and couldn't find any entries in there that explain how to do it.
So, I propose you add the following to the online manual:
Upgrade Processes:
- Download archive/zip file from the website, unzip file and copy files to your server folder where you have ProjeQtor. Or upload archive/zip file to your server and unzip in the directory where you have your ProjeQtor files to update the files. Only the files will be updated, all your information is in the database and maintained.
Hosted Version:
- Submit an email and we will update the files for you.
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29 Oct 2019 11:31 #2 by babynus
This is amlready available on this web site :
Instructions are also available in the readme.txt file included in the zip.

The user manual is available ... after installation, so including install instruction in user manual is not the best place.
Moreover, user manual is for "users", and so included functional instructions, not technical ones.
We are working on a technical manual, but this is another story.

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The topic has been locked.
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