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Getting data with the API using Python

28 Feb 2022 11:49 #1 by bgenolini
I have tetsed a simple way to get data from the API with Python.
I'm working under Windows 10, with Anaconda, Python 3.9.7
This is quick and dirty code I have validated after validating the settings of the server with a colleague of mine.


import requests
import pandas as pd

MY_AUTH = ('user', 'password')

def GetData(req):
    # Returns a dictionnary structure form the request "req"
    return requests.get(f"{URL}/{req}", auth = MY_AUTH).json()

def GetDataPd(req):
   # Converts into a panda DataFrame
    return pd.DataFrame.from_dict(GetData(req))

if __name__ == '__main__':
   # Get the list of projects and print the names and parent's name of non closed projects
    projs = GetDataPd("Project/all")
    print(projs[projs != 'closed']'name', 'nameProject')


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