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Integration of the calendar in other tools

08 Oct 2022 13:57 - 08 Oct 2022 20:40 #1 by babynus
We often have the request to integrate ProjeQtOr data into standard calendars (Outlook, Google Calendar or any other).

Our answer is that ProjeQtOr can only "send meeting invites".
This means that on a meeting, you can send an iCal email to all attendees on the meeting.
That's all.
Also note that ProjeQtOr does not manage answers to the invites. This could be done but does not exist yet.

Now, what about "the rest".
Well, what is the rest ?
What do you really expect to retreive in your calendar ?
When we require specifications, we usually get no answer, and when we get some, we get opposites requests from different users...
  • Planned Work
    OK, but do you need one event in the calendar for the activity or one for each planned day ?
  • Activities
    OK, at which dates ? validates dates, planned dates, other ?
    And to who ? assigned resources ? responsible ? project leader ? any user who sees the activity ?
  • Tickets
    OK, at which date ? initial target date ? actual target date ?
  • Actions
    OK, at which date ? initial target date ? actual target date ?
  • Ohters ? What should be sent ? Risks, Decisions, Test sessions, Poker Sessions, 
    There are so many objects in ProjeQtOr ...
Then come technical requirements, for How to to send the information ?
  • Simple iCal email send ?
    OK, simple, but may not cover all requirements, and may be quite heavy for high sollicitation databases
  • Specific interface using specific API ?
    Thie means heavy development for each target... some not especially well documented and possibly not free ...
    Our small team would have to spend great efforts that will reduce what can be done on other subjects
  • Any other means ? (file transfer, other tier intergration like Zapier, ...)
    Possible, at what cost ? are the targets free ?
.... and When to send it ?
  • On creation 
    Easy !
  • On each modification
    Heavy !
  • On some modifications
    Which ?
  • Every hour ? Once a day ?
    Then what ? Creations ? Updates ? Which updates ?
But the most important, what happens if event is changed on the calendar side ?
  • Nothing
    OK, easy, except that changes in ProjeQtOr could then easily erase what was changed
  • Changes is pushed back to ProjeQtOr 
    Heuheu ...
    How ?
    What side effect if item what also changed on ProjeQtOr side ? Management of conflicts is a real mess...
    How to return errors ? The change could be rejected in ProjeQtOr because of some internal rule.
This is a first quick view of what this kind of interface is.

So now comes the real question, why do you need ProjeQtOr data in your calendar ?
  • Just to have a global view in your calendar
    You can get it directly in ProjeQtOr
  • To keep using the tools you are used to
    Is a calendar a good tool to manage projects ?
  • To please some users who don't want to change
    Is that really a good reason ?
But is fact none of these reason we push us to invest into such interface.
So we won't do it until someone is ready to precisely specify the need and pay for it.

Administrator of ProjeQtOr web site
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08 Oct 2022 21:55 - 08 Oct 2022 21:55 #2 by sharky

For me, the idea is that the user or collaborator has the information in his daily agenda of the events related to these criteria without having the need to connect to ProjeQtOr.

We have so many systems and if we have to go into all the systems to find out what the tasks of the day are, it complicates the daily routine. We all have a primary calendar that we consult. It should be able to gather our activities.

By default, all types of events are assigned with target dates.

We can also imagine that it is a team leader and that he has the need to see the agenda of his organization's team.

Here's what I'm thinking: from the agenda view, the "resource" drop-down menu should also contain teams, resource pools and organizations. Once the filter is chosen, an ics link, would allow to add it in an agenda in a compatible system. One person could even add several calendars according to his needs. And why not add a filter by project or even type of project...

In the basic settings to configure the ics link, would be to define the number of future days that the link should contain. For example: default 30 days.

As it is, I think that all changes should be made in ProjeQtOr which is the source, the agenda is just a way to have a reminder of our tasks.
Last edit: 08 Oct 2022 21:55 by sharky.

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13 Oct 2022 17:51 #3 by babynus
Describe like this it really looks like Ticket #3106 on the roadmap, except that you add the possibility to have one calendar for groups of resources

Administrator of ProjeQtOr web site

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