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Back-up / Restore

08 Feb 2011 10:34 #1 by babynus
Back-up / Restore was created by babynus
Back-up is a good practice.
You should regularly back-up your Data to be able to retrieve it is case of a crash.
How often ? It just depends on your need ... Just ask yourself : what is acceptable to loose in case of a crash ? 1 day, 1 week ?

You should also always back-up your Data before any application upgrade... in case of ...

So, how to back-up ? The simplest way is to use phpMyAdmin export capacity, using "SQL" format, saving result to a file.
Then you'll be able to import Data from this exported file.

hints :
- be sure to use UTF-8 charset when exporting / importing.
- you cannot import into a full Database (with existing Data) :
=> either you truncate the tables before import
(you must then assure to import Data into a structure of the same version of application !)
=> or you drop the tables before import
=> or you export data including 'Drop tables'
- regularly test your back-up files, trying to restore it on an empty Database
(I saw so many times back-up that were never tested, and could not be imported when needed...)

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13 Dec 2011 11:31 #2 by ivanturpin
Replied by ivanturpin on topic RE : Back-up / Restore
I was looking for backup solution provider companies in London. Though I know Intacore is best among them but wanted to know reviews of other readers.

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13 Dec 2011 15:02 #3 by climb4fun
Replied by climb4fun on topic RE : Back-up / Restore
Dear all,

for your productive envirnoment, we have daily dumps of all databases triggered with cronjob. We didn't have an outsourced centre for this service.

On my test environment I apply MySQLDumper (open source), because this is very flexible and is not to be maintained by our operations team.

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23 Dec 2011 07:44 #4 by Grete Anderson
Even I found Inta core most reliable and cost effective when it comes to backup.
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27 Mar 2012 09:36 #5 by simonbond
Replied by simonbond on topic RE : Back-up / Restore
I like all the posts here about the backup. I also got good solution here for the online data backup. But I think here you should post more tricks and tips for data handling. Thank you.

excel tips
computer pranks
windows xp tricks
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