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New model : Field Type and Quicksearch

10 Jun 2013 11:48 - 10 Jun 2013 11:59 #1 by LEVA

I would like to point something I discovered.

If you intend to build your own new model, you should not use the type int for the number type field.
When performing a Quicksearch, Project'Or RIA first checks if the type of field in the Database is varchar and if it is not it does not include this field in the research.

My advice is to use only int when you are making a relationship with another table/model and varchar otherwise.

The problem is still there if you need a date.. I think jSonQuery should be updated.

BTW, Quicksearch does not find those link : for example, I have a model which is linked to status. If I search "Annulée" I cannot find anything.

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10 Jun 2013 20:54 #2 by babynus

Quick Search is devoted to find some string in text fields, such à name, description or result.
If you need to find items from status, you should use filters...

Also, setting field as int may be usefull, for instance to order or calculate from this field.

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The topic has been locked.
11 Jun 2013 08:32 #3 by LEVA
Sure int are usefull but then QuickSearch won't search on them...
I personnaly think that is not good everytime...
The topic has been locked.
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