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"Work driven" Project Management

20 Mar 2014 16:44 #1 by babynus
ProjeQtOr implements "Work driven" project management.
But What is it ?

The main principle is :
  • customer requests a change (or else) : in most cases he requests for a target date (called requested end date)
  • Project Leader, depending on resource avaialbilty, assigns resources : this defines assigned work
    and runs planning calculation to determine possible target date
    with possible ajustments and new calculation to find best planning
  • with complete planning, Project Leader can commit on target : validated work, validated end date
  • when working, resources enter real work, day by day : real work,
    and update left work depending on what is left to do (left work is automatically updated when real work is entered, but it must be re-estimated)
  • planned work is automatically calculated as real work + left work

  • validated work = committed work
  • assigned work = validated work dispatched to the resources
  • real work = work really done by each resources
  • left work = new estimate of left work
  • planned work = new estimate of full work = real work + left work

And from this data :
  • real progress = real work / (real work + left work) = real work / planned work
  • expected progress = real work / validated work (where progress should be if validated work was correct)

So, to get the correct progress, the left work must be updated :
  • by resource on real work allocation
  • by Project Leader on assignment in the activity

So now, why only "work driven" principle, why not let the resource estimate the progress ?
Because of expertise and long practice of project management.
Just try this once or twice, you'll be surprised ...
  • consider a 10 days task
  • after resource has worked 5 days, meet him and ask : "what is your progress on the task ?"
  • 99% of change you get : "50% !"
  • then, slightly change the question and ask : "how much work do you need to finish the task ?"
  • you could be surprised to hear : "7 days !"
  • so you request some explanation : "but you just said you did half of the work ?"
  • and don't be surprise to hear : "Yes !!! I did half of what's to be done" (half of the rules, of half of the specification), "but I left the hardest for the end, so the end will be a bit longer" ... or alternatively "but I did not run unit tests yet, and I will manage all at the end" ... or possibly "but when all is done I'll have a little of tuning to integrate components and have them work together"...
I heard these so many times that I really made my mind : only plan from "work" and fight to have "left work" restimated at least on a weekly basis.

This was my 2 cents on project Management, hope it can help...

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