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Change topic : new hues to change the look of Project'Or RIA

09 Oct 2015 15:46 - 09 Oct 2015 17:26 #1 by johnfinanceblog
Each user can change the visual theme for the tool.
Themes are just different color-sets for the backgrounds, captions, and others highlighting areas.

How to ?
Just go to Menu "Parameters" => "Users parameters", and select the new theme in the "theme" select list.
New theme is automatically applied when selected.
Just save parameters to retrieve this theme on each new connection.

What for ?
Just for fun, to change, or because everyone has its own preferences in terms of colors.
But there is also a useful way : image that you can connect to a Database with two different users, with different profiles, or that you can connect to two different Databases , for instance Production & Test. Just change the color on the different users/Databases so that you will automatically know witch user and/or Database you are connected to.

What else ?
Printing of forms and lists simply uses "White" theme in order to present a printable document that will not empty the cartriges of you printer in few pages.

John Cloe
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