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Printing large format Gannt Charts

09 May 2014 23:00 - 09 May 2014 23:02 #1 by DarthBulk
I just set up a Projeqtor installation to try out, and I am very impressed with the ease of setup and the functionality. We would like to make a large format printout of the screen that we see when selecting the "Planning" section, with the Gannt chart withe the initials of the person responsible for each activity, the Phase bars, the activity bars, the calendar table lines, etc., exactly like it is seen on the screen under "Planning". I have tried to print this to our plotter on D size paper in two methods. One, just select "Print" from this screen, and two, print to a pdf and then scale the pdf up when printing. Neither method seems to work well. The first method only prints the activity bars from the Gannt chart, not the initials or the Phase bars or the calender table lines. Also, the activity bars are very thin, not scaled up to the large format page. When I print to the pdf and then scale the pdf, I again lose the initials and the activity and phase bars become simple rectangles, not nicely displayed like on the "Planning" screen.

Is there a good way to get a large format printout of the "Planning" screen view?

Thank you.
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10 May 2014 12:30 #2 by babynus
PDF Export has limited capacities, so will not fit your need.

Best way is print from Gantt planning view.
Ensure your browser has enabled "print background colors and images".
Maybe you can also get different results depending on printer driver.

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