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Default password

12 Jun 2014 09:33 #1 by Berlo56
Default password was created by Berlo56

I have a little problem.
In the menu global parameter, I want to change the default password (which is 'projeqtor').
I enter my password, I save and when I refresh the screen, the defaut password come back to 'projeqtor'.

I try to change directly in database. In the line 'paramDefaultPassword' I put my own password and when I refresh the page, it come back to 'projeqtor'.
It's not a critical problem but It could be better to resolve it.

(for information, I have 2 version of projeqtor, one on the external server and the other in localhost whit wamp. The version in localhost doesn't have this problem. The only difference bettween both is that on the external server, the acces for all files is full (777 (apart 'phpmyadim/'))).

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12 Jun 2014 10:44 #2 by babynus
Replied by babynus on topic Default password
This may be because the parameter still exists in parameters.php file.
You should remove these parametrers.

Only database connection parameters and debut information should be in parameters.

It was an upgrade in V3.0.0, moving most parameters from parameters.php file to database (to be able to update them from screen)
If access rights to parameters.php file was restricted, maybe cleansing failed so parameters.php may not be up to date as expected.

Parameters.php file should only contain :

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12 Jun 2014 15:33 #3 by Berlo56
Replied by Berlo56 on topic Default password
It's ok!

I just delete parameterLocation.php file and reconfigure the default password.

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