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[v10.1.3] CSV export - huge number of errors are logged

18 Nov 2022 16:18 #1 by caccia

This is linked to my previous thread " Error on CSV export of report " - which I closed too rapidly.

After upgrading our existing (v10.0.6) installation to v10.1.3, I am now able to successfully export the report "Work synthesis per activity" to CSV.
However I now see that in the logs there is huge amount of errors logged :
16:07:02.270 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.1.3] Impossible to load class UConverter<br/>  => Not found in ../model/custom/UConverter.php <br/>  => Not found in ../model/UConverter.php <br/>  => Not found in ../model/persistence/UConverter.php <br/>
16:07:02.270 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.1.3]  === Trace Stack for last error ===
16:07:02.280 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.1.3]  => /opt/projeqtor/tool/projeqtor.php at line 1789 calling debugPrintTraceStack()
16:07:02.288 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.1.3]  => calling projeqtorAutoload()
16:07:02.298 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.1.3]  => /opt/projeqtor/external/HtmlPhpExcel/vendor/phpoffice/phpspreadsheet/src/PhpSpreadsheet/Shared/StringHelper.php at line 337 calling class_exists()
16:07:02.310 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.1.3]  => /opt/projeqtor/external/HtmlPhpExcel/vendor/phpoffice/phpspreadsheet/src/PhpSpreadsheet/Cell/DefaultValueBinder.php at line 23 calling PhpOffice\PhpSpreadsheet\Shared\StringHelper:sanitizeUTF8()
16:07:02.329 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.1.3]  => /opt/projeqtor/external/HtmlPhpExcel/vendor/phpoffice/phpspreadsheet/src/PhpSpreadsheet/Cell/Cell.php at line 193 calling PhpOffice\PhpSpreadsheet\Cell\DefaultValueBinder:bindValue()
16:07:02.338 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.1.3]  => /opt/projeqtor/external/HtmlPhpExcel/vendor/phpoffice/phpspreadsheet/src/PhpSpreadsheet/Worksheet/Worksheet.php at line 1144 calling PhpOffice\PhpSpreadsheet\Cell\Cell:setValue()
16:07:02.338 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.1.3]  => /opt/projeqtor/external/HtmlPhpExcel/vendor/ticketpark/htmlphpexcel/lib/HtmlPhpExcel/HtmlPhpExcel.php at line 217 calling PhpOffice\PhpSpreadsheet\Worksheet\Worksheet:setCellValue()
16:07:02.354 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.1.3]  => /opt/projeqtor/external/HtmlPhpExcel/vendor/ticketpark/htmlphpexcel/lib/HtmlPhpExcel/HtmlPhpExcel.php at line 104 calling Ticketpark\HtmlPhpExcel\HtmlPhpExcel:createExcel()
16:07:02.355 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.1.3]  => /opt/projeqtor/view/print.php at line 374 calling Ticketpark\HtmlPhpExcel\HtmlPhpExcel:process()
16:07:02.374 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.1.3]  => /opt/projeqtor/view/print.php at line 298 calling finalizePrint()
16:07:02.384 ***** ERROR ***** [V10.1.3]  ===

When launching the export for a large project (many sub-projects & activities), this results in long wait times - probably because of the amount of logs that have to be written ( I got a 5M log file after waiting on the export for a few minutes, after which I force-killed the PHP process).

This will be quite blocking if a user uses this feature on Production.


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18 Nov 2022 16:31 #2 by caccia
Ah, thankfully the internet is full of resources :)
After a quick search I found that the issue is caused by a missing PHP extension : "internationalization"

After activating this PHP extension, eveything is back to normal - phew ! 

On Linux : 
sudo apt install php8.0-intl

=> Did I miss something, or should this maybe be made more explicit in the release notes ?

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