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Login bug

25 Mar 2016 23:18 - 25 Mar 2016 23:25 #1 by N247S
Login bug was created by N247S

Im currently trying to host Projeqtor on an ftp Server with all the requirements.
But there is an annoying bug? with the login.
Everytime I login, it will add "?lostConnection=true" to the url, and instantly connect/disconnect after login (only when remember password is enabled!)
After some time (not consistent in length!), it will stop, and you will either be logged in, or you'll get a warning that you couldnt login.

Now there are 2 other post I could find which described a simular problem, but no solution has been found yet.
So here is some information if you need.
I added the projecqtor.log file to this post (if its working correctly).
And there are several warnings, and crashes to find in the browser console.
one states, "Cannot find Property "InnerHTML" for item NULL"
and the other states: SyntaxError unexpected token;
": error loading Documents children: " SyntaxError: Unexpected token <(…) ->

There is some kind of loop going on, which directs right back to the loginpage. (while the startpage is set to something else!)
And it seems like the "?lostConnection=true" part is added in that loop.
I hope this was helpfull information.

Thanks for your time,
I hope this will be fixed a.s.a.p.

Last edit: 25 Mar 2016 23:25 by N247S. Reason: additional information

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26 Mar 2016 10:59 - 26 Mar 2016 10:59 #2 by babynus
Replied by babynus on topic Login bug

Thanks for delaing the issue as you did.
I wish everyone details this way :whistle:

So I had a llok to log file.
Setup of database is complete without error :)
Then some PDF generation issue (in TCPDF) : not blocking (if you remember how you generated these issues, it could be a good opporunity to fix it ;) )
Then some SMTP connections issue : possibly some tests you made, nothing blocking
Then we have loops of connections, that look like successful logins but that are not are they are looping, with about 1 connection for same user every second.
This connection indicated to use the "remember me" function. So it may be a cookie issue.
Try and clean cookies and connect without checking the "remember me" function.
If it works (I hope it will), then try and reconnect, activating the "remember me" function, close browser and reconnect. It is working fine now ?
If issue is not fixed with cleansing of cookies, in the browser console go to network tab and check response for looping request (I guess it is a request for loginCheck.php). Poste content of response here.
NB : the "SyntaxError: Unexpected token <(…) " often appears when json response is expected and a PHP error is displayed instead. So the PHP error will help ;)

Administrator of ProjeQtOr web site
Last edit: 26 Mar 2016 10:59 by babynus.

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26 Mar 2016 13:25 #3 by N247S
Replied by N247S on topic Login bug
Thanks for your reply,

Yea, there were some other problems as well (as it turnes out :P)
I haven't setup the system myself, so I am not able to help you with the TCPDF and SMTP problem unfortunatly.
As far as the login problem goes, I have tried to dig into it a litle bit, but I cannot acces every file, but Ill try to describe where I think the looping starts:

first of all, the login is succesfull, and loads the start page etc.
than it calls a bunch of methods from "saveDataToSession.php".
that results in a call to "cronRelaunch.php" and "welcome.php"

after that it loads some stylesheets and documents from an unknown place (no path or Initiator defined), but it seems like a default initializing.
And right after that it loads "main.php?lostConnection=true"

Unfortunatly I cannot acces any files(appart from the last .php file) to give you more detailed information.
But what I can do, is creating a dummy profile so you can debug it by yourself. maybe that helps a bit better.
(its always better to be able to debug problems yourself :))
I'll PM you the login data.


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27 Mar 2016 13:05 #4 by N247S
Replied by N247S on topic Login bug
I have send you the login information,
Good luck with testing & debuggin!


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28 Mar 2016 04:56 #5 by bosimo
Replied by bosimo on topic Login bug
I had the same problem and initiated a topic "Lost connection" on this forum one day before yours.
I made a copy of my projeqtor into another environment : from linux/Apache/php5.5 to windows/XAMPP/PHP5.6, the problem is the same.

I tried some investigation and I think I found something which may be useful :
The problem is linked to script "/tool/projeqtor.php" which is called through a "require_once"
It generate an error message "Unexpected termination of execution of PHP script" but as it's not catched and the file is included, this error doesn't appear on the log files
This error can happens after an execution of login, an access to the home page or anytime this file is needed, but not all script executions.

Hope this information can help to resolve this issue.

Thanks & regards

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28 Mar 2016 09:03 #6 by babynus
Replied by babynus on topic Login bug
Thnaks for the hint.
It confirms my idea that there is a non reported issue during connection.
The hint that it comes from projeqto.php does not really helps, as this script is called for each request : it is the core or ProjeQtOr.
But as I cannot reproduce, I guess it is linked to either some configuration or some content of database.

1) Which version of PHP are you using ?
2) Which mode is used : FastCGI, mod_apache, ?
3) What is the standard duration of a connection (when it works) ?
4) Do you remeber what change you made (insert activity, rename user, ....) just before the issue first occured ?

Do you have the possibility to do some debugging ?
The idea is to set
in parameters.php,
then add some lines
every 10 or 20 lines in projeqtor.php.
I can provide the projeqtor.php with accurate debugging...

Administrator of ProjeQtOr web site

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