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Less Reports but with more variables

07 Mar 2023 15:04 #1 by hervec

Every month, during consolidation, I have some difficulties to find the right report between the numerous reports.
Indeed, finance is requesting costs+expenses per project and per organisation for the current year until the end of the last month. The BU is requesting costs+expenses per project (full project) and per organisation, ...
Then, each time, I need to use several reports, export to excel, change specific characters just before the €, merge the costs and expenses and redo the calculations.
I have the similar issues to report efforts.

I propose only 1 report/view to replace maybe 15 others :
- 1 field to select either : efforts (day), costs (€), expenses (€), costs+expenses (€)
- 1 field organisation
- 1 field ressource
- 1 date start
- 1 date end



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09 Mar 2023 18:11 #2 by babynus
Not so easy I presume

efforts (day) : planned ? real ?
costs (€) : planned ? real ?
expenses (€) : planned ? real ?
costs+expenses (€) : planned ? real ?
organisation : restriction for resource of for project ?
ressource : not relevant for expense, except individual expense
date start / date end : easy for real effort and cost, more tricky for planned effort and cost, not sure appliable for expense

And what do you expect to retreive : 1 single data ?

Administrator of ProjeQtOr web site

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10 Mar 2023 11:26 #3 by hervec

As a first step, the actual would be great.

The final goal of each project followup is to have : planned, revised, actual.

Regarding the organisation point : all data are project related. In large companies, it is often requested to detail the progress of the project per organisation.

Regarding the ressource : Indeed the item is not critical (it can help to follow individual performance)

Regarding the output, indeed 1 table, months or weeks in x and the items listed in y, would be great.


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