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V1.9.0 is deployed

10 Dec 2011 16:41 #1 by babynus
V1.9.0 is deployed was created by babynus
V1.9.0 has just been deployed, with its package of new features

Export the planning to MS-Project xml format
Export every list to CVS Format : likely to be opened in MS-Excel; likely to be-re-imported in Import functionality
Base copy of project to copy the entire structure of the project (activities, mielstones, links)
Add type of project
Specific type of project "Template", to be copied as new projet, visible for every project manager, without need of an affectation
Add direct access for "add" or "update" or "delete" to affectations from Project and from Resource
Add direct access to stored filters, in a tooltip list
Add new filter on dates with a generic date, such as
Add a Reference for most items, provinding a unique numbering for each type, within a parametered format
Automatically create new affectation for Project Manager, when defined
Column "target version" added in Tickets list
Add attachments and notes on Projects
Add requestor to activities (similar ot Ticket requestor field)
Add target dates for version ("Enter Into Service" and "End")
Bug fixing : #457, #467, #471, #472 , #478, #481, #482, #483, #487, #491, #496

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