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Projects Rights & Organization

07 Feb 2023 09:55 #13 by iFlorian
Hi everybody,
Thank you ! 
Thanks to your precision, I finally realised that creating a profile with no rights was not the right solution. 
So now I have the right rights everywhere: my user only sees what he is supposed to see everywhere: project view, planning, project selector...  and he can create projects only in some sub-projects :)

But the bug of creating a project on a project where you only have read  rights still exists. 
You can try it: put rights on a read-only project, select it in the project selector, then create a new project: it will be automatically selected as a sub-project (although it will not appear in the list of sub-projects if you look at the drop-down menu) and if you save: the project is created under this project in spite of only reader access ! 

And sorry for creating a topic in the submit issues section, but in my opinion they were 2 different issues. 
So now it's just the bug at creation. 

To me we should close this topic and leave the other one open, and focus it on this bug. 
What do you think about it?

With kind regards,

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07 Feb 2023 15:59 #14 by babynus
I agree that creating a project as sub-project of a project where user has only read acces may look like access issue.
In fact is used to be blocking.
It was changed, taking into account rights to create project only, to allow to copy a project (for instance a template) before moving it. 
On the other side, moving a project as sub-project of a readonly project is not allowed.

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