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Migration from old server/version to new

15 Apr 2024 09:36 #7 by Cpt_Jabberwock
Hello, It worked .... mostly
I thought of something to update the 9.5.5 on the new Debian 12 Test server
Following what you said, we made a dump without the Historyarchive table
we then tried to migrate the projeqtor onto the new Debian 12/Php 8.2 directly like we did with the other instance
However, 9.5.5 had too many PHP calls using the old commands and it made too much problems

So, I decided to try something else
We removed HistoryArchive from the mysql and then I tried to update projeqtor from 9.5.5 to 11.1.5 on a copy of the server in Debian 9
Doing 9.5.5 to 11.1.5 in one go borked it
Doing 9.5.5 to 11.1.5 by doing each individual update possible (the bold ones in the Autoinstall plugin) worked
This means I could then Migrate the newly updated Projeqtorcab to a debian 12 like I did the other ?

However, I encountered several problems after checking the Main Projeqtor and working a little on the Projeqtorcab test right here

First, on the Projeqtorcab I got this error message at some point in the log
Is it asking me to recreate historyarchive and each column in the table ?

Second, I got this error, and I don't know at all what it means

Third, I had this problem on some pages on the Cabinet test
First Image is the Main Projeqtor (the already updated one)

The second one is the Newly updated Cabinet test (still on Debian 9)

Finally, we didn't touch the updates on the Main Projeqtor after the Migration (and its test instance Formation which is a copy) until after our tests with Cabinet
When we click on the new updates in the plugin AutoInstall, it doesn't do anything and we get this error
I checked the same php files on the debian 9 Cabinet and didn't find anything different but maybe I missed something (we don't touch the php files in Projeqtor unless its something you told us to change)

Do you have solutions for one of those 4 problems ?
Ask me if you need more information/log/config file

Thank you

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19 Apr 2024 15:17 #8 by babynus
historyarchive must exist.
So you have to create it (even if empty)

Administrator of ProjeQtOr web site

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25 Apr 2024 14:17 - 25 Apr 2024 14:56 #9 by Cpt_Jabberwock
Thank you,
From my last post, the 4 problems

1 & 3 were linked, for some reasons
I haven't had this error log since recreating the Historyarchive table
and the screen got its background and the options got their proper name header after the table got added back to mysql

2: No Idea what that thing is still

4: Problem on updates on the Debian 12
it was the Curl extention of PHP that isn't installed by default on new server
thus making Autoinstall work again on the new Debian 12 (since we copied only Projeqtor, we had forgotten that Curl was an addon not installed by default)
Last edit: 25 Apr 2024 14:56 by Cpt_Jabberwock.

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28 Apr 2024 19:33 #10 by babynus
2: No Idea what that thing is still
it is due to missing comma before "startDate"
The source is use of an old version of Screen Customisation plugin. Be sure to migrate to latest one.

Administrator of ProjeQtOr web site

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29 Apr 2024 09:07 #11 by Cpt_Jabberwock
Now that you say it and I look at the line proper, it seems so evident

"thingy" "stardate" missing the comma in between the 2

Thank you, now that everything is back to normal, we just need to purge the historyarchive from projeqtorcab, then I'll be able to upgrade it as much as possible on the old debian 9 before migrating to debian 12

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06 May 2024 13:13 - 06 May 2024 13:20 #12 by Cpt_Jabberwock
hello again, hopefully this will be the last problem on this topic

We finally migrated to Debian 12.5 and Projeqtor 11.1.5 from the old Debian 9 Projeqtor 9.5.5 for our last Instance

Everything worked in our tests, but on the final stratch, I get these problems

1. I have the same problem as before on some pages (ie: Today page)
The dialogue box doesn't have proper title in french and the page itself is missing formatting

2. I get those errors (I included the full log so you see everything worked until then
Everything before 11h47 was on the old Server on Debian 9

File Attachment:

File Name: projeqtor_...0506.log
File Size:92 KB

All my custom lists are empty when I go in Screencustomization but in Tickets, where they are used, they work (even if they give errors in the log)
Can you point us towards the problem ?
If you notice anything else wrong in the log, please tell me
Thank you for your time
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