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01 Dec 2021 11:08 #1 by babynus
Up to version 9.3.4 and possibly future 9.4.x, ProjeQtOr is not compatible with PHP 8.1.
Some backwards-compatibility breaking change brought by PHP 8.1 will raise "Deprecated" warnings.
Avoid deploying PHP 8.1 or be sure to remove deprecation noitices.

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13 Feb 2022 18:49 #2 by wjl
Replied by wjl on topic NO COMPATIBILITY WITH PHP 8.1
It would be really great if this were mentioned in the installation instructions here:

I spent several hours yesterday installing ProjeQtOr V9.4.3 in a custom Docker configuration, and about 30 minutes of that was debugging why it wouldn't work on a production setup even though my initial prototype worked fine.

I tracked it down to the using the standard php:8-apache container, which has PHP 8.1. I searched the web for the error message I was getting and found a form post about ProjeQtOr being incompatible with PHP 8.1. I went back and changed my containers to be based on php:8.0-apache and this solved the problem completely.

Anyway, not a huge deal, I have no problem running with any version of PHP that works (containerization makes that very easy), but I wish I had known about it up front. =)

Thanks for making such a great piece of software.

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10 Jul 2023 15:35 #3 by Plucks
Here is the compatibility matrix for versions of ProjeQtOr, PHP and MySQL, and various technical requirements :

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