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I am running a huge (many many candidates) evaluation of Project Management applications, to choose which to use long-term for our organisation, and I actually had a very high opinion of Project'Or RIA.

The only reason why I did not put it on top of the list was this incredible difficulty I experienced in scheduling by dependencies (as I tried everything with no results).

Because I had such a good opinion of the tool and I saw the forum was quite supportive of the users, I decided to login and ask about my specific issue. This positive resolution increased significantly my rating and the possibility of the software to be actually chosen (both because dependencies work and the support behind the tool). The problem is many others won't simply ask and assume the tool is buggy, messy or cumbersome, because there are so many alternatives out there that these tools sometimes get a very quick look (if any) before being excluded.
To make it short: first impression counts a ton, people have few time, the first thing project managers will look at is how dependencies are handled. So please consider reviewing the demo, that's how you show people what your baby is capable of.
As for me, just thanks again!