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ProjeQtOr free project management software - Training


We can train you to use ProjeQtOr.
Many standard modules are set up to teach different populations of ProjeQtOr users (Project Leader, Team Member, Administrator).
Any specific training needs around ProjeQtOr and Project Management can be studied.
Sometimes we (or one of our partners) organize some inter-entreprises training sessions.
Have a look at the planning of training sessions.

Terms and Conditions

Intervention conditions :

  • Prestation on a daily basis, preferentially performed on site, with logistics provided by the client (room, video projection equipment, computers for participants).
    The number of people attending the presentation is usually limited to 10.
  • On request, according to the constraints, it is possible to organize remote learning. Every need will be studied on demand.
    In this case, the number of people attending the presentation is usually limited to 3.
  • The days are by standard working days of 8 hours maximum, for example:
            9h-13h and 14h-18h
  • The dates of intervention are determined based on customer requirements and the availability of speakers
  • No specific support (training material) is provided.
    The concepts are addressed directly from the use of the tool, using if necessary the existing user manual (English only).

Prices :

  • There are several prices depending on mode of intervention and number of participants
  • To get a quotation or for more information, contact us

Exemples of training modules

Module "General presentation of ProjeQtOr":

  • The purpose of this module is to address the basic principles of ProjeQtOr software, to know the basic elements, to understand the user interface and learn shortcuts to ease the use of the tool.
  • This module is for anyone using the ProjeQtOr software, without particular prerequisites.

Module "ProjeQtOr for the Project Managers":

  • The purpose of this module is to provide project managers with the basic elements allowing them to understand and implement project planning in ProjeQtOr software.
    Some additional components of the tool are also presented to enable project managers to assess the relevance of the implementation on their projects.
  • This module is for project managers who already have notions in Project Management.

Module "ProjeQtOr for the Team Member":

  • The purpose of this module is to address the principles of ProjeQtOr software in order to allow team members to use it on every day activity, comfortably. The basic components of daily use of the tool are discussed.
  • This module is for ProjeQtOr users with "team member" profile (or equivalent).

Module "ProjeQtOr for the administrator":

  • The purpose of this module is to learn how to set up and administer ProjeQtOr software.
  • This module is for users with basic knowledge of ProjeQtOr software who are intended to manage its configuration and administration.