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ProjeQtOr free project management software - Contribution

Why contribute ?

ProjeQtOr is a free product, released under Open Source license.
You have nothing to pay to use it and you have the right to modify it to suit your need.
ProjeQtOr is not supported by any large group. It is not sponsored.
This ensures its independence, but implies that it needs you to exist.
There are several ways to contribute to the development of ProjeQtOr,
from simplest: speak abouit it around you and develop its reputation
the more concrete: financially participate subscribing to services
You choose how you can help ProjeQtOr.
Any contribution is welcome.

Increase notability

Speak about ProjeQtOr around you.

Write an article, publish a document or a book.

Have your company referenced as using ProjeQtOr .
Send information about you (company name, contact, logo) through the Contact form to be added in ProjeQtOr users Reference List.

Contribute to improvement

Use ProjeQtOr and submit any incident (bug, issue, ...) detected.

Use ProjeQtOr and submit any evolution wished to make ProjeQtOr the tool you need.

You may use the Forum dedicated topics to post issues or evolution requests.

In case of specific need, use contact form to post your request.

Contribute to developments

Participate in ProjeQtOr development : sources are shared at Sourceforge 
(SVN repository is and visible at

Develop your own needs and improvements and submit them to ProjeQtOr development Team to include them in next releases.

Propose a translation to new language. You will find reference language translation file (Excel) on the download page.
It is an Excel file, just add a new language column and submit you proposition in the forum or to the address you'll find in the Contact form.

Use services

You can get some of the provided services :
  • Hosting : get your own database hosted on servers
  • Support : get a professional support, with operational level agreement
  • Evolution : sponsor an evolution to have it delivered in the next version and make the tool fit your needs
  • Pugins : some plug-ins are available to extend ProjeQtOr features beyond project management perimeter
  • Assistance : we can help you to set-up and parameter the tool to your needs
  • Training: standard training modules are proposed and any need can be studied
Have a look at the Services description on the site, or request more information through the Contact form 

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