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ProjeQtOr is a collaborative tool that can be used by all stakeholders on your projects, thanks to the "full web" mode. 

Installation is relatively simple, but can exceed the capabilities of your teams. In addition, the infrastructure to implement it is not necessarily available in your company. 

That is why we offer a hosting service for your instances of the tool on our own infrastructure.



ProjeQtOr offers free community support, through the forum of the website, without any guarantee
   • Availability not guaranteed 
   • Response delay not guaranteed
   • Support provided in English only (requests and answers) 
In order to provide a better level of support, we propose a professional support service, with commitment. 


Many evolutions are planned on the development roadmap of ProjeQtOr

You can, if you wish, sponsor an evolution or get its delivery "as soon as possible".

Your company may also have specific needs or unidentified ones.
You can then order a specific evolution.



The coverage of the project management perimeter by ProjeQtOr is among the most complete on the market.

However, some specific needs were identified to go even beyond this range and complete ProjeQtOr features.

In this context, a plugin system has been developed. The available plugins are accessible in ProjeQtOr plug-ins shop.



To assist you, we can work on site (in France) or remotely (by audio or video conference).
This service includes (non exhaustive list) :
  • assistance on setup
  • assistance on parameters and configuration settings
  • solving specific problems
Any other need can be studied. 


We can train you to use ProjeQtOr.
Many standard modules are set up to teach different populations of ProjeQtOr users (Project Leader, Team Member, Administrator).
Any specific training needs around ProjeQtOr and Project Management can be studied.
Sometimes we (or one of our partners) organize some inter-entreprises training sessions.
Have a look at the planning of training sessions.

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