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Automatic planning in ProjeQtOr

16 May 2022 17:01 #1 by andrev93
Hello community 
I have recently installed and setup my project in ProjeQtOr.I want ProjeQtOr to plan my tasks for me (when what task should happen). 
I noticed however that the "Calculate capacity planning" feature does not plan in advance (I believe this is also mentioned in the Documentation).  
I attach to this message a simple example scenario. 
I have 2 resources "test" and "test2".  
I create tasks in the order shown in the image.  

ProjeQtOr should schedule Task BA and Task CA before it schedules Task AA.  
Then the project could finish sooner.  
Instead resource "test2" is waiting for a long time doing nothing.  
Is this a limitation of ProjeQtOr?  
I would appreciate your advice!

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16 May 2022 17:32 - 16 May 2022 17:41 #2 by alainforma
There is no restriction at all !
Projeqtor plans AA because it is the first activity on your planning work breakdown structure. Moreover you use probably the planification mode ASAP and not a special one as possible. Thirdly, no other constraint exist. For all those reasons, AA is planned firstly, the tool optimizes the planification depending on your choices even if a a resource could not be planned one or severals days ( especially due to dependencies in your case , or milestones sometimes, workload given, planification mode and so on )
The resource could not be planned before cause she is already planned. ( your single pic attached can not show this - Please indicate the resource's name  on each bar and the workload assigned for each ) Sure the tool does not make any mistake. 
Yes Projeqtor following your organisation and constrainst can expose who is planned or not . That is why is a real good tool....
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16 May 2022 17:37 #3 by andrev93
Hello @alainforma

Thank you for your quick response!
I created Task AA first but I want ProjeQtOr to know that it should be scheduled after Task BA and Task CA in order to complete the project as soon as possible.
You mention some other task scheduling options other than ASAP.
Could you explain to me how I can create tasks such that ProjeQtOr will intelligently schedule tasks to complete the project as soon as possible?

Thank you for your support!

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16 May 2022 17:46 - 16 May 2022 17:51 #4 by alainforma
Play with priorities on projets, or on activities, or change your wbs, or create a dependency, or workload differently each resource, why not with a special mode of planification ( i am not so sure in your case) , you will reach your expected solution
your job is going on ... ;-)  Projeqtor offers flexibilty on project steering.
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16 May 2022 18:07 #5 by andrev93
Thank you, @alainforma

I think this ProjeQtOr is a fantastic initiative. A clean smooth tool with more features than any other. I think the only truly crucial feature which should be added is the automated intelligent planning.
I can of course play around with the example project I have above, but for my real project the amount of tasks and complexity would render this a waste of time.
I really think if projeQtOr adds this feature it will be the perfect replacement to MS project (which currently does support intelligent planning).

Keep up the good work, and thank you for the fast responses :)

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18 May 2022 10:01 #6 by alainforma
Thank You.

An efficient project management can never be entirely automatically driven by software. The choice to use one planning option rather than another depends only on the project manager who knows his environment as well as possible. (6M Ishikawa)
I am very interested in knowing how MSP is efficent ??!! More and more firms use Projeqtor because they do not want any more to steer their projects only with pretty drawings which will have little chance to being kept.
Projeqtor is able to manage from the simplest to the most complicated project.
See you.

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