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22 Mar 2013 16:29 #7 by mpintor
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Hi, congratulations for this very nice product (this is my first post here).

babynus wrote: Another helpfull way is to export an existing list, using CSV export from list view : it is directly importable ;)

I don't understand what you mean by "using CSV export from list view"...
I'm using a freshly installed "Project'Or RIA V3.2.0" and, on the Planning page I just can't find the way to export in a CSV file, just PDF or XML.

So I tell myself, this must not be that "list view" you're talking about...
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22 Mar 2013 18:31 #8 by babynus
Replied by babynus on topic Re: Imports
List view is any list of items (tickets, projets, activities, milestones, actions, ...)
but not planning Gantt view : planning is the aggragation of Project, Activities and Milestones (not one type of items only). And planning is not importable ...

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